POAL Operational & Yard Update 17/09/18

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September 16, 2018
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September 19, 2018

POAL Operational & Yard Update 17/09/18

17 September 2018
Operational Update
Fergusson Terminal Operations Update
Good afternoon

We have managed to keep up with the demand on the road by also having some of our Performance Coaches drive straddles today. Additionally our Gate Ops team have been working with a number of Carriers to target imports on the 3rd tier of yard stacks, as the priority imports to go out the gate to reduce the number of yard shifting’s. We will continue to work with Carriers to drive this over the next several days in an effort to reduce the stack heights and therefore the number of re-handling moves. We are very appreciative of the industry working with us to trial this mode of delivery as it is a very manual process for us both and given the dynamic flow of containers through the yard it means the containers made available for delivery are constantly changing.

The shipping berth line up is constantly changing as some services have lost time in their schedule, not only due to the congestion but also the storms in North Asia several weeks ago and more recently over the weekend. To restore their standard schedule some ships have allowed to slip a few days to get back into their regular schedule pattern. An example being ‘Aglaia’ which was due to berth late on Wednesday 19th (normally would have been last Friday 14th September) will instead berth Friday 21st am which is its normal weekly berth window in Auckland. Until further the berth windows will remain suspended but such decisions help us in the short term to continue to focus on getting containers out of the yard to free up capacity but also work other ships that are more export focused as opposed to import.

Export receival periods for laden containers still need to be managed carefully and we will continue to keep customers updated both via these alerts but also on our website as to the adjusted cut off times. Clearly as ships drop back we will liaise with the appropriate vessel operator to agree an extended cut off and then manage those receipts to control the flow into the terminal.

Container storage (demurrage) for laden dry non-hazardous containers will continue to be waived and details regarding last free days updated on our website. Priorities for import pickups also remain to be laden active reefer containers and hazardous containers.

VBS slots need to be kept to a minimum to manage our straddle capacity but as per the last few weeks we are asking Carriers to liaise direct with our Transport Coordinators to book slots manually, based on active import reefers, laden import hazardous containers, 3rd tier stacked laden imports and specifically nominated export vessel receivals.

Thank you for continued support and working with us during this challenging period.

I will provide a further update on Wednesday 19th September 2018.

Craig Sain
General Manager Commercial Relationships

Operational update follows:

Today we would like to update you as follows –


  • Alongside and working: OOCL Savannah
  • Arriving tomorrow: Kota Lestari and Spirit of Shanghai

Please continue to monitor Ports of Auckland website for changes in the vessel schedules.

VBS bookings continue to be managed based on the operational capacity throughout the day and night. Our Gate Ops team will continue to work with the trucking companies and manage priority bookings based on the vessel schedule. We ask that Carriers provide container numbers for the bookings required when sending requests through to the Driver Assist Team.

Trucking Companies will receive priority bookings for Hazardous and Reefer import containers. Please note that there will be no extra free time for DG containers and reefer containers – including power charges. Demurrage for all other units has been extended for the meantime.

For the next 24 hours priority will be given only to Export containers for:

  • Kota Ekspres – cutoff 1900 hours Tuesday 18th September
  • Spirit of Canterbury – cutoff 1200 hours Tuesday 18th September

We request rail users refrain from sending Export Containers that are not for the above mentioned vessels. Containers that are booked to load later vessels will not be unloaded from the train and will be returned.

Due to the space restrictions in the yard we will manage receival of Empty export containers directly with the Shipping Lines. The On Dock Link facility remains open for de-hire of Empties.

Multi Cargo wharves will remain unaffected.

We will update you again on Tuesday at 1400 hours.