Container Devanning

Container Devanning

Container Devanning & Vanning

Fully compliant packing and unpacking of import, export and domestic containers

Save your company the expense and hassle of unpacking import containers, or packing cargo for export or domestic transport. Our professional devanning and vanning services provide you with a fully compliant, thorough and cost-effective alternative to packing and unpacking containers in-house.

Efficient, thorough container packing & unpacking

You can rely on our experienced and dedicated staff to take the utmost care of your cargo. We can unpack your import containers, carry out essential checks and palletise your cargo for on-forwarding transport throughout NZ. We even offer seamless distribution direct to your customers, streamlining your distribution network to save your company time and money, and ensuring an unbroken, well-managed supply chain.

Long and short term storage of containers and product is also available at our secure warehouse premises, conveniently located at Auckland Airport.

Customs and MPI compliant

As an MPI Approved Transitional Facility, we offer full compliance services for import and export containers, including conducting MPI checks as part of the devanning process, and storing containers or product under Customs Bond.

Want to save time and money with thorough and efficient container devanning and vanning services? Contact us today for a quote.

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Warehouse Operating Standards Jan 2020